International Conference on Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetic Devices

Keynote Speeches (to be updated)

Plenary and Keynote Talks:

(Following talks have been received and confirmed)

 Flux Pumped Magnets – Principle, Technology and Applications

 Design Strategies for Functional Materials: Example of Ceria

 Zero-Resistance Materials and Technologies

 Cryogenic Cooling of Power Electronics Systems

 High Tc SQUID and Its Applications

 Recent Advances of HTS Maglev in ASCLab

 The Engineering Commissioning of the Magnets System on HL-2M Tokamak

 Characterization of Soft Magnetic Materials for Design of Electrical Machines

 Design, Control and Fast on-Line Parameter Estimation of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines

 Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage, a Promising Technology for Future Power Systems

 Research Progress of HTS Traction Transformer for High-speed Electrical Multiple Unit

 Research on Integrated Energy System in the Customer Side

 Principles of Electrical Machines and Application of Advanced Materials

 Flexible AC Transmission Line (FACTS) and Devices

 Basics of Superconductivity and Its AC Loss

 Principle of HTS Magnets without Insulation between Winding Layers and Application in Next Generation Compact Medical Electromagnetic Equipment

 Principle of Superconducting Current Limiting Type DC Circuit Breakers

 Principle of Fundamental High Tc Electronics and SQUID

 Principle, Characteristics and Applications of HTS Maglev

 High Temperature Superconducting Wind Turbine and Characteristic Analysis

 Principle and Models of High Speed Train

 Principle of SMES Electric Power Applications with Consideration of Power Quality and Energy Efficiency

 Magneto-Optical and Electromagnetic Analysis Method of HTS

 Principle of Superconducting Wireless Power Transfer

 Principle of HTS Flux Pump

 Superconducting Magnet Design, Technology and Applications

 HTS SMES principle and Power Electronic Control Methodology and Applications